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Personal Styling

The following statements are so so true. What looks good on you does not necessarily mean that it will look good on your best friend and vice versa.
No woman has exactly the same needs with the next. What looks flattering on a woman as well as the different needs every woman has are determined by different factors.
To begin with, the most important factors are the body figure and the colours that suit you according to skin colour, eyes and hair colour, always depending on your lifestyle that is, your work, your social and professional environment and the way you live at large.
With my help and guidance, we will be able to understand which colours and colour-shades suit you best. Additionally, together we will find out which “lines” accentuate your figure, that is, which skirt length is more suitable, which bust line accentuates your breasts in the best possible way, or which kind of trousers make you look taller.

We can spend half a day together for three hours or a full day for six hours. At the end of the day, I want you to look and feel confident about the clothes you are in.  

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